Your Food Source


With the nutritional value of food less than it was in the 70's, and farmers struggling with their land management, crippling debts, varied weather conditions, it's no wonder there is a drop in people wanting to be a farmer. Who'd want to struggle like that?   

We have generations of families who have done nothing but farm the land, but the changes in environment and an open world market, as well as changes in how we eat have left some farmers devastated.  

From a older person in new farmers' shoes, there is one thing that has been incredibly eye opening.  .. the ever changing weather, the need to be adaptable and think of different revenue streams so that not all eggs are in the one basket.

In this day and age of technology and ability to become visible, unlike so many years ago, the farmer now has the opportunity to share the story to the world and the world is listening.

It's like we're going full circle, with consumers wanting to move away from the 'conventional, mass produced' food, to smaller more involved farming, where the consumer, you, the public, konw where your food is grown, how it's grown and is the farmer getting a fair deal.  That's the exciting news, and the reason this podcast is put together to educate, inform and help you make better decisions about your food.