Meet the Farmer & the Podcaster

SuperUser Account / Tuesday, 21 August 2018 / Categories: Episodes

Meet the Farmer & the Podcaster

Welcome to the first podcast sharing a husband & wife farming journey.

Meet the Farmer & the Podcaster

While this is only a short podcast, it's the first of many I have as I finally get the time and resources to share a very important story about Farming, Food, Health and things related to this topic.

Being an older new farmer, and by that I mean starting the journey at a ridiculous to some age of late 50's has given me an insight to how much life we have to leave if we're prepared to take a few risks in life.

I'm still learning how to master this thing called podcasting, although I've been an avid listener for many years, so I hope you're grow your knowledge with me, as I share some amazing things I've learnt.

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