Organic Awareness Month August 2018

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Organic Awareness Month August 2018

Sharing stats of the industry in Australia

Organic Awareness Month August 2018

I've long been a fan of statistics.  While of course I think they can be skewed to suit whatever you're selling, straight statistics are great to track how things are going.  This is important for me, being a new Organic in conversion grower becuase it helps me identify if my business and ongoing plans are feasible.

Being as old as I am, I need all those ducks stacked neatly in a row where possible because I'm not getting any younger. wink

Having said that, I have to let you know that my journey over the last few years has been simply fantastic, fraught with challenges, learning, overwhelm and amazement. 

The statistics cover things like states, demographics and types of produce grown, and the rest of the podcast covers my thoughts on the meaning of being organic, and I will have, in the future, more thorough show notes.  I'm still finding me feet in this whole thing about getting it out online, in a timely manner.

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