The Toxic Olive Oil Scandal

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The Toxic Olive Oil Scandal

Olive Oil is one of the most commonly defrauded food products.

The Toxic Olive Oil Scandal

The  more I’ve been researching organic certification and what it means, the more I’ve been made aware of food fraud.

Now I know I mentioned in the last podcast about the very unglamorous function of certification and that it wasn’t that romantic notion of how we farmed, in reference to anything whimsy, it’s really only about about food fraud.  It’s as clinical as that and that lead me to listen to an audio book, the bull about the beef, whereby scientific minded people delved into the very profitable and dangerous activity of food fraud.

I’m not sure if the more I know the more good I feel about life and large corporations because I’ve been left standing in supermarkets, when I go there from time to time to pick up things I’ve not yet been able to find good replacements for, and looked at products. Wondering, are you really what you say you are.

We are far too trusting us humans, and I think it’s partially because we really do want to see the good in others. Goodness knows I’ve been a trusting person for over half a century now and I’m of the opinion as I learn more to think that there is so much corruption in so many places and companies with money are driven by their goal to wield their power for profit over the majority of people in the world.  I have now come to the absolute conclusion that absolute power corrupts. 


Kindle or Paperback Book - The Bull About The Beef -

A great read about food fraud forensics and how widespread it is. How some of our brightest chemists and scientists are becoming criminals by keeping ahead of authorities by creating hard to detect food fraud which sometimes has dire consequences for the consumer.

I've included a copy of the text used for my podcast. While trying to get my mojo sorted, I feel more comfortable writing my thoughts and talking about them.  This allows me to do some good show notes for you to read if it's of interest to you. 




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