What does it take to be an Organic Farmer

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What does it take to be an Organic Farmer

All aspects of farming are a challenge regardless of being Organic or Conventional

What does it take to be an Organic Farmer

Farming is enough of a challenge, even without taking away the commercial chemicals and poisons used to grow food.  Taking the step to be a certified organic farmer is one that many farmers don't take for different reasons.  It's a shame because we need more organic farmers. Organic farming is cleaner, the use of fossil fuel to generate synthetic chemicals can be reduced significantly, soil can be improved, and that's before we even talk about the food quality.

But it's not for everyone and my organic journey is new, new farmer, lack of experience, an older person starting the journey, never farmed before, and then growing one of the most difficult fruits, in an untested environment, after walking onto a property that had no infrastructure.  Can it work?  In this podcast I talk more about the personality type I have that you might be familar with - I share a childhood experience that I believe helped set my path on how I do things, for good and for bad, because there's a flip side to the successes and failures in life - depending on how you look at it.

I felt a bit emotional in this podcast because I'd just come out of a very long, lonely, isolated winter season that I hadn't mentally prepared for, but am very happy living where I do, in the space I'm in.

I've shared a little bit more about how I feel and hope that it gives you an insight on what I personally think it takes to be an organic farmer.  There's no right or wrong, just always looking for better ways to do things, whether your organic or conventional.

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