An Organic Farmer's Journey

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An Organic Farmer's Journey

Welcome to the first podcast sharing a husband & wife farming journey.

An Organic Farmer's Journey

I'm so genuinely exicted to be sharing my story. It's been a long time coming and my hope is that anyone reading this will share with their friends, or perhaps think twice when buying their fresh fruit and vegetables, a little thought about the work involved in bringing food to the table, day in day out, around the world.

With a shrinking industry, and a growing population, food has become something that is being pushed into being a commodity.  Large corporations, growing food that is bland, tasteless, and in poor soil, with little or no consideration for the earth and future generations... What can be done??

“There comes a time in life when you need to stop being a consumer.. and become a contributor..."

We live in an amazing time with access to information world wide, at our fingertips.  That's been a huge help for our farm development, even though we've had to sift through some completely contradicting comments, things that we think are totally illegal, stupid or WTF, but in spite of that, our farming journey, started back as an idea in early 2015, has seen us become incredibly enriched in our lives, and developed a whole new sense of purpose.

I thought we'd be looking at retiring and enjoying life to the fullest just chillin' back and travelling, riding my mountain bike, reading, writing, tending my small but beautiful garden, stocked with stunning Australian natives, and of course my wonderful fuchsias. I had so many of these magnificent plants and life was comfortable.... but my ideas were completely thrown out the window when one day, with a serious expression, my husband, partner and lover of life - Andrew raised this thought he'd had for a while about becoming a farmer and moving to the country. 

I hope to use my podcast as one of education, entertainment and encouragement for you, the consumer to really think about the food choices made when you go shopping.   I'm going to share some smiles, some tears, some OMG moments as well as the real facts of farming and food, food fraud and being organic and all things wonderful.

My mission in life is growing food that will not kill you. I want to make sure the legacy I leave in my short time on earth will be one that leaves us in a better place.

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